Latest Real Estate News in South Florida

George Moskos Group opens Luxury Real Estate

The George Moskos Group is a luxury real estate company based out of Fort Lauderdale
under the prestigious brokerage EWM Realty International. The founder of the company, George
Moskos, is an experienced real estate agent providing access to high end and luxury properties
for sale throughout Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, including Las Olas, Aventura, Hallandale Beach
and Miami Beach.
As a South Florida native, Mokos has been around different sides of real estate markets,
including investing in residential and commercial properties, before emerging as a full-fledged
real estate agent. While it is hard to gain predictability in the volatile housing market, the luxury
real estate market has remained fairly strong in South Florida, especially due to the international
presence and demand for high-end real estate in niche communities.
Moskos states that being a luxury real estate agent requires exceptional attention to detail
and value based serviced, as the high end clientele are particuarly intelligent and business savvy
individuals who expect results. Moskos close attention to detail, combined with his familiarity
and experience with the housing market, has helped him gain a foothold in the South Florida real
estate market. Noting his experience as being his best asset, Moskos states that “when purchasing
a property, my clients make informed decisions suited to their financial position and tastes. My
job is to facilitate the informed decision making process and provide as much transparency and
information as possible about potential properties and opportunities, while delivering exceptional
service throughout the entire process”.
If you would like to contact Geroge Moskos, please email him at